Sintetizador Chiptune MIDI para NES, C64 y Amiga (Arduino)

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Sintetizador Chiptune MIDI para NES, C64 y Amiga (Arduino)

Mensaje por Yay » 29/11/15 5:47

Obscura is an Arduino-compatible 8-bit synthesizer that allows you to create NES, C64, and Amiga-style chiptune music by simply connecting a MIDI device.

**No programming is required. This monophonic MIDI synth comes programmed with software that includes 16 preset patches.

Patch 0: 12.5% duty-cycle pulse waveform

Patch 1: 25% duty-cycle pulse waveform

Patch 2: 50% duty-cycle pulse waveform

Patch 3: sawtooth waveform

Patch 4: 8-bit sine waveform

Patch 5: 4-bit triangle waveform

Patch 6: 8-bit triangle waveform

Patch 7: arpeggiated octaves (25% duty-cycle pulse)

Patch 8: arpeggiated octaves (50% duty-cycle pulse)

Patch 9: arpeggiated octaves (8-bit sine)

Patch A: arpeggiated octaves (8-bit triangle)

Patch b: vibrato (12.5% duty-cycle pulse)

Patch C: vibrato (25% duty-cycle pulse)

Patch d: vibrato (50% duty-cycle pulse)

Patch E: vibrato (8-bit sine)

Patch F: vibrato (4-bit triangle)

Users with programming experience will be able create their own custom software for Obscura using the Arduino IDE. (Obscura is based on the Arduino Leonardo platform.) Arduino pins 5, 8, 9, 10, 12, and 13 are broken out for hardware hacking and experimentation. Due to Arduino Leonardo’s native USB capabilities, the Obscura Synth can be programmed to appear as a USB mouse, keyboard, or HID, enabling interesting possibilities of unique MIDI-PC interface applications.

Unlike many other microcontroller-based synthesizers, which use pulse-width-modulation (PWM) to generate weak, noisy, low-quality audio signals, the Obscura uses an auxiliary digital-to-analog converter chip with true 8-bit quantization to produce a clear, high-quality audio signal. The Obscura is USB powered and does not require a special wall adapter with a barrel-jack type connector. The simple user interface consists of two patch control buttons, a reset button, and a 7-segment LED display. Audio is output via a standard 1/8'' (3.5 mm) stereo audio jack. (Although primarily designed to be a line out, the audio output can supply enough current to drive most headphones.)

Creo que es muy interesante, los chiptunes están teniendo bastante auge en los últimos años.


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Re: Sintetizador Chiptune MIDI para NES, C64 y Amiga (Arduin

Mensaje por sakichanes » 21/12/15 11:19

Es muy lindo, me encantaría tenerlo (y un teclado, claro :P )

Si, la movida chiptune no paró de crecer nunca, lo bueno es que no es solo una moda, por suerte.