Traducción al Inglés de "Pokemon Yellow Remake" -Nes/Family-

Una consola popular de videojuegos ? que otra que el inmortal Family Game, si nunca jugaste con uno de estos es porque no existís !! Entrá y disfrutá de este fantástico clon y sus bizarreadas acá !


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Traducción al Inglés de "Pokemon Yellow Remake" -Nes/Family-

Mensaje por Yay » 26/09/15 3:49

(Anteriormente tradujeron el Final Fantasy VII de Family) ... glish.html

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**Several years ago saw the arrival of Final Fantasy VII on the NES. This unusual and mostly unexpected Chinese release from Shenzhen Nanjing was soon flooding the bootleg cartridge markets, with countless games sporting Advent Children style packaging entering Nintendo collections worldwide. Another title hailing from the same developers was a Pokemon Yellow remake for the NES - one which has just been translated into English.

While you may indeed be expecting a low quality cash-in illegally using Nintendo’s IP, Pokemon Yellow for the Nintendo NES (also known as Lei Dian Huang: Bi Ka Qiu Chuan Shuo) is actually something the Japanese giant could be proud of. The game itself doesn’t skip out on any of the details, and if anything provides a vibrant and colourful adventure that’s on par with Pokemon Gold / Silver in terms of visuals. The battle system is also present in its entirety, as is the majority of the game’s story.

Having amazed many in the bootleg gaming scene for years, the chance to finally enjoy this high-quality release in English has arrived. ROM hackers Lugia2009 and CHPEXO have finished their combined efforts and uploaded a finished translation patch to If interested you’ll need to acquire the Lei Dian Huang: Bi Ka Qiu Chuan Shuo Famicom ROM file and apply the downloadable translation patch to it using LunarIPS.


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Re: Traducción al Inglés de "Pokemon Yellow Remake" -Nes/Fam

Mensaje por sakichanes » 20/12/15 15:29

Esto es genial, porque alguien lo va a pasar al español tarde o temprano. De fans para fans, por fans y lalala ♫