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Es un "mod" para el Pokemon Rojo fuego, que nos permite jugar de manera online. Asi de simple
Guía descarga y conexión
Paso 1:
Regístrese aquí! Así es, usted necesita una cuenta para jugar el juego!

Paso 2:
Descarga el cliente Si la descarga no se inicia, intente lo descarga por mirror

Paso 3:
Extraiga el cliente a cualquier lugar en el equipo.

Paso 4:
Localizar un archivo * ROM compatible y lo puso en el directorio / roms / carpeta del cliente extraído.
ROMS actuales requeridos compatibles: Fire Red v1.0 USA
Actuales ROMS opcionales compatibles: HeartGold, SoulSilver

Paso 5:
Windows: Ejecutar PokeMMO.exe
Linux: Run PokeMMO.sh

[spoiler]Changelog -
01 January 2013 - 10:41 AM
Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where spinning tiles in the Rocket Warehouse would not end properly, causing players to be stuck inside walls.
Fixed an issue where players could circumvent border tiles in some situations.
Fixed a crash related to player interaction with NPCs in some circumstances.
Fixed an issue where players could become permanently stuck at the Elite 4.
Fixed an issue where 2-turn moves would remain in their casting duration if the enemy rolled a flinch, paralyze, or sleep.
Lapras' trade restriction has been removed.
Fixed a bug where SPIKES would not be able to be laid if an enemy was in a semi-invulnerable state.
Fixed a bug where SPIKES would deal damage to Flying-types and victims with the Levitate ability.
Fixed a bug where SAND ATTACK would not hit Flying-types and victims with the Levitate ability.

Optional Client Update

Fixed an issue where colors for customizations would not be displayed in graphics environments which did not support OpenGL 1.4+
Fixed an issue where the coordinates for Six / Seven Isle fast travel were reversed.


This client update fixes several issues, but is not mandatory. Players may upgrade their client here.

30 December 2012 - 06:50 AM

Winter's grasp is in full effect.
Character customization has been expanded significantly.
Players will be prompted on their first login of a character to choose their desired appearance.
Basic clothing, hair styles, and skin tones will be available for free.
Players may purchase different accessories, hairstyles, and clothing at various in-game marts. Currently, the available mart is in Celadon Dpt. Store.
Premium accessories will be available via the Gift Shop, and will be unlocked for the user's character.
Players may change their clothing and accessories at any time using the in-game 'Character Customization' window, accessible through the Game Menu.
HM07: Waterfall
It is now possible to bind items usable on pokemons to the hotbar.


Post-E4 One Island scripting.
Post-E4 Three Isle Pass scripting.
Four Island storyline scripting.
Icefall Cave scripting.
Five Island storyline scripting.
Cerulean Cave.



Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where the rival's name in the final rival battle would show as the default "TERRY" instead of the user's selection.
Fixed certain tiles' missing animations.
Fixed a bug where strings in the initial Elite 4 dialogue would have an "A" appended to them.
Newlines are now converted to spaces for battle chat.
Fixed a bug where certain strings were unintentionally overwritten when implementing custom items.
Possible fix for Chlorophyll, Huge Power, Hustle, Sand Veil, and Swift Swim.
Fixed a bug where NPCs would sometimes appear to jump upon entering a map.
Fixed a bug where NPCs would sometimes not display an animation if they were running.

12 December 2012 - 02:42 AM
Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where, if a player disconnected with the move relearner window open, their character would become inaccessible.
Fixed a bug where, if a script had multiple trainer battles, and a player disconnected after winning but before closing the battle window, it would cause errors for the player.
Improved stability when handling disconnections during storyline events.
Fixed a bug where Self Destruct-type skills would not faint the caster if the target was under the protection of Protect.
Fixed a bug where Light Screen-type skills could last longer than their intended turn durations.
Fixed a bug where the Shield Dust ability would incorrectly affect certain secondary skill effects.
Fixed an issue where battles could be started with a ghost session of a disconnected player.
Fixed a bug where NPC trainers' parties could hold items intended for wild encounters.
Liquid Ooze effect now applies to leech seed drain.
Rage fix to prevent increase if the user has fainted.

06 December 2012 - 04:30 AM


Local timestamps for chat. You can enable this in the Options menu.
Added the Vending Machines to the top of Celadon Dpt. Store.
Customisable chat tabs.
Battle Chat
Players & Spectators are now able to talk in Battle chat while observing or participating in a Duel. (/battle, /b)
Spectator join/leave will now broadcast a system message.
Move Relearner.
The Saffron City Berry Merchant has received a new stock of mushrooms.


Magikarp Salesman
The SS Anne will now depart if you have received Cut.
Vermillion / Sevii Isles ferry.
Sevii Isles 1-3 scripting
Pre-Indigo Plateau Rival Battle.
Elite 4


THIEF (Todo: PvP temporary steal)

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where the Disobey function could be interrupted by Confusion/Paralyze.
Fixed a bug where Roar/Whirlwind would not end a battle if cast by a wild opponent.
Fixed a bug where low priority moves could trigger their effects after the opponent was forcibly removed from the turn using Roar/Whirlwind.
Fixed a bug where Light Screen would have no effect. (Actually tested this time.)
Fixed a bug where SelfDestruct-type skills would have a 100% miss rate.
Fixed a bug where text positioning in the Summary window would become off-centered if players used non-DS sprites.
Fixed a bug where certain characters in ROM strings would not be displayed correctly.
Fixed a bug where, under certain circumstances, abilities would not be correctly updated if an evolution occured until the player relogged.
Fixed a bug where DS ROM follower sprites would not update correctly on evolution.
Fixed a bug where the Screenshot function would not screenshot correctly in a non-standard display resolution.
Fixed a bug where the End Battle due to AFK button would show in PvE battles (although it was not functional.)
Fixed battle backgrounds in various situations.
Fixed several issues with the shop GUI.
Fixed a bug where newlines would not be dropped from chat messages
Fixed a bug where female battle sprites were not using the correct pallete.
Fixed a bug where the Indigo Plateau would not function as a whiteout location.

13 November 2012 - 02:07 AM

The spookiness of Halloween has dissipated.
Abilities: Chlorophyll, Hustle, Intimidate, Cloud Nine, Drizzle, Drought, Sand Stream, Huge Power, Swift Swim, Pressure
New font, more Unicode completed. Finishes Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew, Armenian, Thai, and Greek alphabets.
Normal move tutors.
VS Seeker cooldown reduced to 20h.
Held Items: King's Rock (secondary flinch effect)
Spectator mode.
Spectator mode is used to view ongoing battles by other people.
If a player is in a duel, other players may right click on them and use the Spectate option.
A separate ball will be spinning above a spectator's head.
Players who have been blocked may not view your battles using the Spectate function.
Duel timeouts.
After 60 seconds of waiting for the enemy to select an action, an "End battle due to AFK timeout." button will appear to end the duel.
Basic implementation of Team system.
Teams are a group of players under a common banner, similar to Guilds or Clans in other games.
To create a Team, open the Team window using the Game Menu.
Team names and tags are currently restricted to English alphabet characters. This may change in the future.
Players will represent their Team with a tag prefixed to their character name on the overworld.
Joining a Team will enable a new chat channel named "Team", between you and the roster. Team chat is displayed in Red.
There are three tiers of member in a Team: Leader, Officer, and Member.
You may only join one Team at a time per character. Different characters may join different Teams.
Teams are currently limited to 100 members.
Added a press-key-to-continue option for battle messages (configurable in the Settings menu.)
The battle window is now able to be skinned. Themers: Adjust battle-panel to change it.
Added a Screenshot feature. Screenshots will be placed in the Screenshots/ folder.
256 color sprite support. Note that each tileset must be marked as 256-color or they won't load.
Capture timestamps have been added to the summary window.


Fixed a bug where Haze's secondary effects would not affect the victim under some circumstances.
Fixed a bug where Curse would cause Rest's effects to fail entirely, instead of just preventing its heal effect.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where Water Absorb would negate an attacker's secondary Water-element effect.
Fixed a bug where Volt Absorb would negate an attacker's secondary Electric-element effect.
Fixed gender restrictions for spawns (Chanseys should only be Female, etc.)
Fixed a bug where heals, weather skills, and protective skills would sometimes check against the caster's Evasion stat, possibly preventing them from being cast under rare circumstances.
Fixed a bug where Explosion-type skills would not KO the caster if the victim was under the effects of the first stage of semi-invulnerable skills (Fly, Bounce, Dig, Dive).
Fixed a bug where Confusion could activate during the semi-invulnerable turn of Fly/Dig/Dive/Bounce.
Fixed a bug where Roar-type skills would end the battle prematurely even if the skill missed.
Fixed a bug where debug log files would be unreadable by some text editors.
Fixed a bug where the Paralyze status message would be broadcast too often.
Fixed a bug where some Abilities would not trigger properly at the start of a battle.
Fixed a bug where the EXP for lvl 100s would not be displayed correctly.
Fixed a crash bug.
Fixed a bug where using arrow keys while focusing on certain input fields would cause the player to move.
Fixed a bug where running from certain scripted battles would cause a deadlock in the player's client.
Fixed several issues where, if a player disconnected at a certain time, certain storyline events would break entirely.
Fixed a bug where characters in the Latin-1 Supplement unicode block would show as 'null' instead of the actual character.
Fixed a bug where remaining PP may be incorrectly displayed as an out-of-bounds number, such as -1.
Fixed a bug where remaining PP would not be displayed correctly if affected by certain abilities.
Fixed a bug where effect accuracy would be boosted to 100% values in some cases.
Fixed a bug where players could teleport while in certain locked states.
Fixed a minor exploit with map editing and world objects.
Login server optimisations.
Fixed a bug where text may be displayed too quickly in a battle.
Fixed a bug where Evolution-inducing items would not be consumed upon an evolution.


All incorrectly gendered pokémon will have their genders reassigned after this patch.
Information on Move Tutors can be found in this article.
Privacy for Spectator mode will be expanded at a later date.
The updated font does not support east-asian (CJK) character sets. These will be completed at a later date.

20 October 2012 - 04:38 AM


Abilities: Rain Dish, Guts, Marvel Scale, Airlock
Maximum channel count is now 8.
The maximum EV in a single stat is now 252 to prevent accidental overages.
Do Not Disturb chat function.
Toggling Do not Disturb on will prevent you from receiving whispers, and give an appropriate message to the person whispering you.
Usage: /dnd or /dnd <Away Message>
If you attempt to whisper another player while having DnD active, it will automatically be removed.
More client strings moved to the external string container.
Added an option to disable showing battle backgrounds, under the Graphics Options menu.
Mr. Psychic scripting.
Happiness modifiers for Vitamins / Herbs.


Fixed a bug where Leech Seed would be prevented by the Shield Dust ability.
Fixed a bug where Tri Attack's secondary effects would be exempt from Ability resistances
Fixed a bug where Focus Punch's Focus would not end if the target was frozen, paralyzed, or slept.
Fixed a bug where Tri Attack would be able to cause 2 non-volatile status ailments.
Fixed a bug where Explosion-type skills would not KO the attacker if the victim had the ability Shield Dust.

Bug Fixes

Server optimizations.
Client optimizations.
Adjusted Light Screen's formula.
Fixed a bug where, if there were 2 possible abilities, both would be used instead of one or the other.
Fixed a bug where certain abilities would cause 100% accuracy moves to fail. (Compoundeyes, etc.)
Fixed a bug with Serene Grace where it would cause secondary effects' chances to be halved.
Fixed a bug where held items could be removed in-battle.
Fixed a rare crash related to animations.
Fixed several issues related to status effect icons.
Fixed a bug where the "Cancel Evolution" dialogue would not disappear under some circumstances.
Fixed a bug where it would sometimes be impossible to cancel trade-evolutions.

09 October 2012 - 01:27 AM


Spooky monsters from other lands have begun showing up in the wild in Kanto for the duration of October.
Abilities: Flash Fire (Gen5 Rules), Shed Skin, Lightningrod, Sturdy, Thick Fat, Serene Grace, Dust Shield, Clould Nine, Air Lock
Simplified how Early Bird ability is implemented by just deducting 2 sleep turns per turn instead of 1.
Players can no longer use Global chat unless they have their 4th badge.
Players can no longer use Trade chat unless they have their 1st badge.
Pressing "B" in a Yes/No dialogue will now function as "No".
Reverted previous changes to Struggle and recoil damage checks since the new changes were not working as intended.
The Party window is now moveable by dragging.


Fixed a bug where Leech Seed would be able to bypass Curse's "No Heal" effect.
Fixed a bug where Slept pokémon may be able to Flinch.
Fixed a bug where OHKO moves could go into negative PP.
Added the same fix for out of battle usage of Strength that was added to Surf.
Fixed Light Screen. Had the wrong ID assigned.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a display bug in the gift shop where players would show a different amount of points than they had.
Fixed a bug where Surf would not be prevented if the user did not have the correct badge.
Fixed a bug where Leftovers could possibly trigger after the target would have fainted to a burn or other effect called before it.
Fixed a bug where the Safari Zone counter would not end if players exited the Safari Zone prematurely.
Fixed a rare bug which would cause held items to not save properly if an error during saving occurred.
Fixed a bug where the "Whisper" button would merge "Whispering" and "Target" into one word.
Fixed several issues with trainer NPCs who have custom movesets.
Fixed a bug where the "Limber" ability would not function.
Fixed a bug where running from a Safari battle would fail under some circumstances.
Fixed a bug where players could initiate duels if they did not have any pokémon in their party.
Fixed a bug where shadows of follower sprites would show up at odd times.

04 October 2012 - 03:30 AM


Added a message to indicate to a player they do not have the required badge when attempting to use an HM out of battle.
VS Seeker notifications / animations.
Players will now be given a message that they do not have the proper badge if they try to cut/rock smash/etc. Hopefully this will reduce some of the dumb questions in global.
The "B" button will now close dialogue boxes whose only possible action was "OK".
Initial support for abilities in battle.
Currently complete ones are: Immunity, Water Veil, Magma Armor, Limber, Insomnia, Vital Spirit, Early Bird, Own Tempo, Liquid Ooze, Volt Absorb, Water Absorb, Battle Armor, Shell Armor, Inner Focus, Damp, Levitate, Overgrow, Blaze, Torrent, Swarm.
Started move of client strings to external. (NOTE: Not all are done yet)
Strings can be modified by changing the strings_en.xml file in the ~/PokeMMO/data/strings/ folder.
English strings are the default.
Details on how to modify your client's language will be made available in the near future.
Added the ability to change languages in settings menu (This will still require a client restart). You will obviously need a different language's strings in the strings folder, though.
Support for Trainers with custom move sets.
Implemented EV reducing berry effects.
Happiness is now displayed in the Summary window, in a percentage.


HM 06: ROCK SMASH Note: You can't get to the npc yet... oops


Out-of-battle usage for certain skills: DIG, TELEPORT, SURF, STRENGTH
ANCIENT POWER (had wrong ID assigned in last update)
Fixed a bug where Self Destruct-type skills would not cause the caster any damage if the victim was immune to its effect.
Fixed a bug where Sky Attack did not have a chance to cause the victim to Flinch.
Fixed a bug where certain skills would not fail even if the valid turns for casting them had passed. (FAKE OUT, FOCUS PUNCH, etc.)
Adjusted a formula so that secondary effects now have a fixed % chance to activate, based on the effect accuracy value.
This means that the Accuracy / Evasion changes will no longer be taken into account when rolling for secondary effect procs.
Updated how certain move types function. See: this thread for details.
Fixed a number of moves that were still allowing skills like Focus Punch to go through even after damage was dealt. The user attempting Focus Punch should have been interrupted.
Fixed a bug where Freeze skill effects would not fail under Sunny weather conditions.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where, if the secondary status effect of a move had failed, a message would be generated implying that the entire move had failed.
Fixed a bug where Linux users could not login. (Optional client update was already pushed out for this bug.)
Fixed a bug where held items which modify stats directly would not have any effect.
Players can no longer use Fly in the safari zone.
Fixed a bug where the AFK timer would not recognize rearranging / releasing pokémon as a valid action.
Possible fix for a rare crash related to battling.
Fixed a bug where the battle indicators would appear on top of the trainer battle start animation.
Fixed a bug where the Nickname window would no longer allow any text.
Fixed a bug where the chat lock would be reset if the Settings menu was changed.

22 September 2012 - 06:08 AM


Proper synchronization of the time cycle. Client / Server times should no longer desync.
OpenGL 1.2+ support, for older graphics cards.
Added an Auto-Decline functionality in the Settings Menu. Players can automatically decline Duels, Trades, and Friend Requests by toggling this on.
Players who have gone inactive for 30 minutes will now be automatically kicked from the server. If the population is at over 75% capacity, this timer is reduced to 15 minutes.
Added more user-friendly disconnection dialogues.
NPC Pokemon Trades.
Berry selling merchant has arrived in the Saffron City pokémart (berries are NOT implemented yet).
ItemFinder and related scripting.
EXP Share and related scripting.
Amulet Coin and related scripting.
Held Item support added for ALL held items.
Wild pokémon may now have held items.
Held item evolutions implemented.
Everstone functionality.
Added Height and Weight information to the Pokédex.


Self destruct type skills now only consider half the enemy's defense. Gen3 style.
Fixed Sleep's turn duration by increasing it so that it no longer wears off on the beginning of the enemy's first turn if it was supposed to be a 1 turn sleep.
Fixed a bug where moves which would normally be ineffective still rolled for critical hits.
Fixed a bug where SOLAR BEAM would not be properly affected by SUNNY DAY'S weather state.
Fixed a bug where the Confusion ailment's damage could miss.
Fixed a bug where TICKLE was reducing Att + Spd instead of the correct Att + Def.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where TM50 would teach PSYCHO BOOST instead of OVERHEAT.
Fixed a bug where if a pokémon had 2 of the same stat effectiveness types, skills affected by those types had their respective effects doubled.
Fixed a bug where the Friends List would not display properly if you had no friends added.
Fixed a bug where Keybinds would get stuck with LMENU.
Fixed a bug where dialogues would overflow out of their dialogue windows (mostly Gym Leader speeches.)
Fixed a bug where Revive would not cure status ailments.
Fixed a bug where Cure Items (PAR heal, BRN heal, Antidote, etc.) would not have any effect in battle.
Fixed pokémon spawn animations for the enemy in PvE / duels.
Added a check so that defense stat can't fall below 1 (to prevent any sort of insane damage rolls).
Server optimizations.
Fixed a rare crash related to Name Plates.
Fixed a bug where hotkeys would be triggered while typing in the Nick Name wind&#111;w.
Lonely players may no longer add themselves to their friend's list, nor may they whisper themselves.
Fixed a crash with certain trainer NPCs.
Possible fix for battle interfaces disappearing randomly.


All instances of the move PSYCHO BOOST will be replaced by OVERHEAT.
Pokémon acquired from NPC Trades will:
Match the level of the pokémon traded to the NPC.
Have a random Nature.
Have static IVs, as listed here.

10 September 2012 - 04:35 AM

A Summary window will now open upon catching a new pokémon.
Friends will now have a green name color.
Players can now have up to 3 characters per account.
A Channel system has been created to make worlds more manageable.
A "channel" is an instanced version of the overworld.
A new channel will be created when the old channel has reached 75% player capacity. New players will be put into the newest channel by default.
Players can change which channel they are on via a UI option.
Players can whisper between channels.
/global and /trade are persistent across all channels.
A /channel Chat Channel has been added, with the introduction of the Channel system.
The /channel Chat Channel will send a message to everyone in your Channel.
There is a 15s cooldown, which is shared with /global and /trade.
This chat channel is indicated by a Yellow color.
Updated Pokédex functionality.
Caught and Seen pokémon will now be indicated by Green and Blue colors, respectively.
Move lists will now be displayed in a pokémon's entry.
Added a confirmation window when replacing skills, using masterball and exiting.
Names in the Chat window will now be white.
Adjusted Fishing encounter rates.
Various small GUI additions.


Victory Road puzzle scripting.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where Badly Poisoned effects would show a message that the affected pokemon was Burned.
Fixed a bug where TM17 would teach Detect instead of Protect.
Fixed a bug where pokemon would not be able to learn more than one move in a single level.
Fixed a crash with movement.
Fixed a bug where certain animations like HARDEN's would cause the client to hang.
Fixed a bug where a pokemon would disappear from the party if the trade window was interrupted.
Fixed a bug where, if the user would try to edit settings while not being logged in, they would crash.
Fixed some movement issues with entering buildings on laggy connections.
Fixed a bug where the Chat Window would be unfocused while typing in battle.
Fixed a bug where certain Pokémon were not in the proper EXP groups.
Fixed a bug where the sender could highlight themselves in chat.
Fixed a crash related to spinning tiles.
Fixed a bug where other players' movement would not be broadcast correctly on spinning tiles.
Fixed a bug when it would add unnecessary line-breaks into chat bubble.


If a pokémon was affected by an incorrect EXP group, its exp will be set to 0% of its current level.

03 September 2012 - 09:16 AM

Friend's List is now limited to 100 entries.
Added Friend's List GUI.
Updated animations for entering battle. Looks prettier.
Vs Seeker implemented. (24 hour cooldown per trainer) Note: Animations are not yet implemented.
Added chat bubbles when players near you talk. (Can be disabled in the settings menu)
Added a FAQ ingame. Will be accessible via "H" ( Configurable ) or Game Menu -> FAQ
Updated the look of the chat GUI. (Can be reverted in the settings menu)
NPC Interaction by mouse click implemented. (Left Click)
More hotkey functionality added to controls tab in settings.
Added support for a player queue if the server is full.
Normal chat will now have a reduced range due to the view range modification. Shout will continue to have the same range as the old Normal/Shout.
Adding all chat aliases as Client commands. Now if you type /global and press enter, it will change the chat channel. Userfriendlyness++;
Hiding useless "Logout" and "Character List" menu buttons. (Until we add support for them)

Server Optimizations

Improved the way maps are loaded. Will reduce load times and server bandwidth.
Added in a much lower view range for viewing other players. This will greatly reduce CPU/Networking.
Trimmed a few redundant bytes from a few movement packets.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where 1 pixel of health would show up in the health bar, if the pokemon had fainted.
Fixed BULK UP, and CALM MIND-type skills for realsies.
Fixed 'Badly Poisoned' skill effects not applying preturn damage. (TOXIC)
Fixed a bug where the enemy pokemon count indicator would show up immediately, instead of when the status bar did.
Fixed the inability to close the map by adding an x in the corner.
Defaulting the PokeMMO.sh to use -Xmx512M. (Which is more than we need, but should reduce the occurrence of issues.)

30 August 2012 - 04:58 AM

Added whether it is Day or Night to /time
Support for the arrow blocks in the Viridian Gym / Team Rocket Hideout.
Friend's List.
Putting a Heart Gold or Soul Silver ROM file in the roms/ folder will now provide various visual enhancements. This is completely optional.


Safari Zone



Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where the Day/Night cycle would only run once.
Fixed a bug where, if skills failed, it would not display properly in the client.
Fixed a bug where SOLAR BEAM would not display its Charging message.

21 August 2012 - 05:01 AM

Genders will now display next to a Pokémon's name. TODO: Actual gender icons instead of |m|/|f|.
Moves can now be re-ordered. This is saved server-side so that your settings will persist across all clients.
Nicknames for pokémon.
EV Yields will now display in the Pokédex.
Natures will now display what stats they affect when you hover over them in the Pokémon summary window.
Traded pokémon may disobey you if you do not have enough badges to impress them.
Day/night cycle. 6 hours real-time = 24 hours in-game. Use /time to see the time.
Support for Day/Night evolutions.
Inventory GUI rework.


Scripting for the Pokémon Mansion on Cinnabar Island.
Scripting for the Old Amber in Pewter City.
Fossils can now be revived on Cinnabar Island.
Blaine's Gym.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where if players opened the Trainer Card window without a full party, they would crash.
Fixed a rare crash with empty encounter groups.
Fixed a bug where the pokemmo.sh file would not be executable in certain shell environments.
Fixed a bug where stats would not display properly if the pokemon was affected by a status ailment.
Fixed a bug where damage dealt by the Confusion Ailment was able to Crit.
Fixed a bug where certain hidden items would not spawn.
Fixed a bug where secondary effects of Moves would apply even if the target was immune from its damage.
More optimization to decrease memory requirements. You don't care, but the server does.
Fixed a crash related to drawing grass animations when switching maps.
Fixed a rare crash with flying.
Fixed a bug where muted players could not see the person who muted them or its reason.
Fixed a small exploit where players could teleport to non-walkable tiles using Surf.
Players will now be sent to the last visited Pokémon Center if they attempt to start a battle with no alive pokémon.
Fixed a bug where the proper ball sprite would not be used when attempting to catch a pokémon.
Fixed a bug where Confusion would not be removed by Full Heals or Full Restores.

6 August 2012 - 02:59 PM

The Town Map is now enabled.
Trade EXP bonus has been changed from 150% to 115%.
Added a Player window. This displays your money, badge count, and a few other stats. This will be expanded in the future.
A "Release" button can now be used in the Pokémon Summary screen if you are interacting with a PC.
Duel results will now be broadcast to /normal range.
Shiny pokemon will now have SHINY appended to their name.
Status indicators for ailments such as BRN / PSN have been added.
Cure potions for status ailments (BRN / PAR Heal, Antidote, etc.).
F12 will now toggle HUD visibility.


Scripting for the girl which gives HM02 (Fly.)
Fixed missing TM rewards for Gym Leaders.
Scripting for the Good Rod / Super Rod.
Scripting for Eevee.
Scripting for Hitmonlee / Hitmonchan.
Scripting for Lapras.
Scripting for the guards in front of the Pokémon League.
Silph Co.


Recover skills: RECOVER, SLACK OFF

Bug Fixes

Fixed an error where Party Heal skills, like Aromatherapy, would cause the client to lock up.
Fixed an issue where the Hotkey key bind settings would not be saved properly.
Music tracks will no longer restart when you enter a zone with the same music.
Corrected SEISMIC TOSS / NIGHT SHADE damage.
Fixed an issue where, if the client was run on a system with OpenGL 1.3, it would crash.
Fixed an issue where, if the client was started from a folder which had a non-ASCII character in it, it would be unable to start.
Fixed an issue where, if you did not respond to a Trade request, sometimes it would lock up the client.
Fixed biker trainer sprites so that they are no longer slightly off-center.
Fixed a bug which would cause FPS to drop dramatically if a pokemon frame was open.
Fixed a bug where having large amounts of Pokemon in a PC would cause the PC to not be able to load.
Fixed a bug where having the Bag open while purchasing items would not update the item counts until you closed and re-opened it.
Fixed a bug where end of turn damaging effects like Burn would damage a player if their opponent whited out.
Fixed a very rare crash when obtaining character data for the PC.
Fixed an incorrect message when Badly Poisoned effects wore off.
Fixed a bug where Recoil damage would always do the maximum amount possible, rather than calculate it based off of the damage you dealt.


As the Safari Zone is not yet complete, the NPC which gives you HM03 (Surf) has been spawned outside.

09 August 2012 - 08:27 PM

Revive potion-type implementation.
Repel potion-type implementation.
PP / Power / Accuracy stats have been added to skill tooltips.
Added a configurable FPS limit to the client. Defaults to 60.
A Block list has been added. Use /block Username to add a character to your block list. Blocking a character will reject all duels, trades, and will hide all messages sent by the player.
Global Chat channels (Trade and Global) now have a 15s cooldown.
Configurable hotkeys for item usage.
Elevators, with proper GUI / teleportation support.
Added support for capturing directly to the player's PC Box
Scripting for the Team Rocket hideout / Silph Scope in Celadon.
Scripting for Saffron City guards.
Scripting for Pokémon Tower Rival Battle.
Scripting for the Pokémon Tower Ghost Marowak encounter.
Updated scripting for Mr. Fuji, so that players do not become stuck upon teleporting.
Scripting for Mr. Fuji's Pokéflute.
LeafGreen exclusive spawns have been added to the encounter tables.


Damaging poison moves implemented: POISON STING, SLUDGE, SMOG, SLUDGE BOMB
Non-damaging paralyze moves implemented: STUN SPORE, THUNDER WAVE, GLARE
Absorb moves implemented: ABSORB, MEGA DRAIN, LEECH LIFE, GIGA DRAIN
Double-hit moves implemented: DOUBLE KICK, BONEMERANG
Party cure moves implemented: HEAL BELL, AROMATHERAPY
Added missing chance for accuracy stat down on: OCTAZOOKA, MUD-SLAP, MUDDY WATER
Added missing chance for sp attack stat down on: MIST BALL
Added missing recoil to DOUBLE-EDGE and VOLT TACKLE
Added missing badly poisoned skill effect to TOXIC

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug where the teleport location you teleported to upon whiting out would reset to Pallet Town randomly.
Fixed a bug where the Poison effect would show a Burn message when applying its end-of-turn damage.
Fixed a rare crash at the Server Select screen.
Inventories will now properly display when a consumable item was used.
Fixed a bug where using certain items on Pokemon outside of battle would result in an "Object Not Found" error.
Fixed an exploit with hidden items.
Recoil damage from skills like Struggle will now apply even if the enemy pokémon has fainted.

4 August 2012 - 10:58 AM

Implementation of Poisonpowder / Poison Gas / Belly Drum / Aerial Ace / Shadow Punch / Magical Leaf / Shock Wave / Faint Attack / Swift / Night Shade / Seismic Toss / Self Destruct / Explosion / Poison Fang / Blaze Kick / Refresh / Hyper Beam / Blast Burn / Hydro Cannon / Frenzy Plant / Struggle / Take Down / Submission.
Animation added for Selfdestruct & Thundershock.
The chat window no longer displays >100 messages. Reduces CPU / memory usage.
Fixed broadcasting EVs after leveling.
Fixed a bug where preturn effects like Burn would not earn you EXP if it caused your opponent to faint.
Fixed a bug where the client would ask you to swap in a pokemon if the enemy's party had fainted.
Out of Battle move learning.
Sound is now defaulted to On.
Fixed a render issue which would cause jerkiness at low FPS.
Fixed a bug where you could learn the same move more than once.
Fixed a bug where evolved pokemon would not attempt to learn moves the same turn they were evolved in.
Fixed a crash with certain player inputs.
Possible fix for a crash when players switch pokemon in-battle.
Fixed a rare crash with the right click menu.
Fixing the issue where it would lock up client on pokemon swap while in battle with trainers sometimes.
Fixed rare crash due to lack of movement synchronization
Fixed so it doesn't show message of stat changes if pokemon did faint with damage effect.
Nameplates should be centered above character now.
Implemented scripting for the 3rd gym.
Fixed bug with music playing for 10 seconds after you have closed the game.
Fixed a bug where the right number of pokéballs were not displayed when fighting other trainers.

02 August 2012 - 03:40 AM

Fix for the 'Go Back' button when selecting replacement pokemon for a fainted pokemon
Support for audio notification when your name is said. (Default disabled)
Fixing chat with keys rebound to WASD or similar
Added out of combat Potion usage. Needs support for more types and proper messages.
Support for using fishing rods. (TODO: Finish animations, proper messages, etc)
Fixed scripting for the Fishing Guru in 9.0
Support for evolution stones. Everstones too.
Support for using bikes.
Scripting for the bike obtain subquest.
Properly preventing swapping pokemon to invalid slots.
Heal pokemon when they are deposited into the PC.
Implemention of basic happiness functions.
Support for basic trade evolutions.
Auto focus on last used skill in battle.
Left clicking player name in chat will change chat type into private message. Right click will open pop-up menu.
The ability to trade has been implemented.
Added in Mugshot Sprites
HARDEN / PECK skill animations.

25 July 2012 - 04:49 AM

Updated GUI for PC Box.
Updated GUI for settings menu.
Added in initial word filter. Default enabled, can be disabled in the settings.
Fixed a rare crash in the catch animation.
Added rank icons in chat for staff members.
Added proper messages for picking up hidden items.
Clicking on the current chat type button will rotate through the available chat types.
Added a text speed config option.
Fixed size limitation of PC to include all 14 boxes.
Fixed rendering of 'Hidden' npcs incorrectly appearing as random trainers.
Added level to pokemon hoverover of party/pc.
Added support for using Cut out of battle.
Added support for interacting with signposts via the 'A' button. (You had to walk into them before)
Added scripting for the grunt at the end of the nugget bridge.
Added scripting for Bill.
Added misty's missing rewards. Simply talk to her to get them.
Added scripting for the Cerulean grunt.
Added scripting for the SS Anne rival battle.
Added scripting for the SS Anne captain.

21 July 2012 - 11:54 AM

Added initial PC support. (Try to break it as much as possible. If you manage to find any bugs, let me know)
Added shader compatibility check. Will prevent certain crashes on onboard intel chips.
Fixed error with gameserver attempting to run script '-1' after trainer battles.
Removed 'Go Back' button when selecting a pokemon to replace a fainted one in battle. (Clicking it would freeze the battle)
Updated valid URL characters to properly include all valid urls. (Fixes broken links sent by GMs in chat)
Fixed the town map script.
Added proper scripting for the 2nd rival battle. (The optional one)
Added proper scripting for the 3rd rival battle.
Removed /heal and /givepokeballs. They are no longer needed for testing.
Do not change background music when changing maps when in battle. (Fixes rare bug when you lagged when getting a battle WHILE changing map)
Refactored sound options. (Players may have to manually delete sound.properties to get settings to save correctly)
Updated bag GUI.
Added lock button on Chat Frame to prevent fadeout.
Fixed pokemon summary pokemon type label background will not longer overlap out of the box.
Added initial support for hidden items. (Needs proper message to inform which item was found)

18 July 2012 - 11:26 PM

Fixed a few bugs with combat selecting moves multiple times, and other visual bugs.
Removed EXP/EV gain from PVP battles.
Updated the UI on notifications, they will now appear as a small box at the bottom center of the screen.
Added missing pokedex entries on evolution.
Minior UI updates to combobox widgets.
Fixed a rare crash due to unsafely handling new chat messages.
Added support for sounds to be played via scripts.
Added in battle animation to players. Players will appear to have a pokeball spinning above them if they are in battle.
Updated the bottom right menu icons.
Added support for using TM/HMs.
Added a notification tone for whispers.
Added a notification tone for announcements.

11 July 2012 - 01:35 PM

Added configurable keybinds. This is now in the settings menu.
Added support for learning another move when you already know 4. It will properly ask you to forget a previously known move or cancel learning.
Added support for using the next pokemon when one faints in a battle. (Will no longer end the battle)
Added initial PVP support. Rightclick a player to request to duel them.
Completed a bit more NPC scripting. You should now be able to get past the fossils in MT Moon.
Updated SoundEngine volume control to have much better sound quality at lower volume levels.
Added support for showing correct trainer sprite customization. (Character select and PVP battles)
Added whisper support. (Using /whisper NAME will whisper to the player)
Added support for multiple chat type aliases for channels. (EX /all, /general, /normal all work for talking in normal chat)
Chat type aliases are no longer case sensitive.
Added initial support for using potions in battle. (More item types will soon follow)
Started work on out of battle item usage. (Not yet complete)
Fixed error with certain scripts triggering on defeat. (Such as gym leader rewards)
Fixed error with learning the same move twice. They will no longer attempt to learn a move they already know.

29 June 2012 - 03:43 AM

Added very initial sound engine. Currently only supports map background music. SFX/Battle music will be added in future updates.
Fixed an extremely rare bug with a song not properly stopping when music changes. Causing you to have 2 songs playing.

23 June 2012 - 02:59 AM

Readded support for the auto updater. (You may experience update issues if you have a quite outdated client. Simply redownload the client to fix.)
Updated chat frame to be much more user friendly. (Use /all, /global, /trade, etc to change chat channel)
Some work done for out of combat item usage. (Still not yet complete)
Added current EV information to the stats page.
Fixed crash with certain java 7 versions on battle start.

19 June 2012 - 04:21 PM

Added current money display to the shop GUI.
Added spawn animation for an enemy trainer's pokemon.
Fixed bug with certain levels of happiness being stored into the database.
Added support for spawn conditions for npcs.
Fixed client crash when attempting to walk over a map's border where there was no connection map.
Added pokeball throw animations.
Added pokemon swap animations.
Added full support for scripts which move characters.
Fixed incorrect logic issues in many scripts.
Added support for locking/unlocking your character from scripts. (To prevent movement, interactions, etc)
Added properly updating headings when sprite behavior changes.
Added support for Rival battles.
Added out of battle Inventory GUI.
Added a proper delay for when battles end before doing teleport/scripting after battles.
Added initial evolution support. No animations yet.
Updated battle text speed.
Added proper rival win/loss messages.
Cleaned up character creation GUI.
Added new client out of battle message box. (No more silly popup window)
Support for showing pokemon pictures during starter selection.
Fixing minor animation issue when walking across map connections.
Support for picking up items on maps.
Finally added proper pokecenter healing.
And more that I forgot to mention.

03 June 2012 - 10:40 PM

Updated Health bar animations to scale better at higher HP counts.
Initial work started for status ailments
Added support for Burn type skills
Added support for Freeze type skills
Added support for Paralyze type skills
Fixed missing message for flinch
Proper support for Speed stat to calculate which pokemon goes first.
Backend for purchasing items from NPC shops
Properly removing status ailments when healed.
Fixed certain skills applying the secondary effects when Dodged/Immune to the primary effect.
Added proper catch rate bonuses for status ailments (Freeze, Sleep, etc)
Initial ShopGUI added. (Shu doesn't have a development log yet so I put it here)
Added server side rate limits to certain actions (Chat, Npc interaction, Shops, etc)
Added client disconnection message if they get disconnected from the gameserver.
Rewrote the client to release unused textures as soon as they are not needed. This will reduce memory requirements.

31 May 2012 - 06:30 PM

Added GUI for using items in battles.
Fixed incorrect teleport location for /unstuck command.
Added support for pokeball usage. Animations still need to be implemented.
Slight rework of client battle handlers to be more efficient.

Added proper trainer defeat messages.
Added proper money rewards for trainer battles.
Initial work for NPC shops. (Back end is finished, just need to finish the GUI for purchasing/selling)
Initial backend work for the pokedex. (Seen/captured lists)

Added initial (Read shitty) GUI for viewing pokedex entries.
Updated gameserver to properly add seen pokedex records from battles.

Added support for trainers using their next pokemon when the current one faints.
Fixed bug where stats would not be updated in the client when a pokemon levels up.

Added full support for PP.
Added /givepokeballs command for testing purposes (Until shops get fully implemented)

23 May 2012 - 11:46 PM

Support for trainer battles. (Support for the trainer using next pokemon is not yet done)
Fixing incorrectly parsed line breaking for message boxes.
Players will no longer see the GM Panel at the top left of the screen.
Added /unstuck command to teleport back to the starting town.
Start of player inventories. (Backend is done, just need to create a GUI to show players what items they have)
Fixing some GUI issues with Chat/party location and issues on screen resize.

15 May 2012 - 01:24 PM

Initial implementation of NPC interaction. (There is still a bit of work to be done here)
Fixed player instance issue where players could see npcs from another player's instance.
08 May 2012 - 08:09 PM

Fixed certain tiles that block movement to/from certain directions. (http://forums.pokemm...walkable-ledge/)
Fixed incorrect animation for certain tiles. (http://forums.pokemm...-mt-moon-tiles/)
The updater will now error correctly if auto updates cannot be done successfully.
Fixing certain tilesets showing black squares instead of proper images.
Optimized animated tiles to be much less resource intensive.
Fixed only showing XP bar update/level up animation if still out on the field.
Fixed small bug causing players to disappear shortly on nearby player's screens when walking to another map.
Support for changing map tiles from scripts.
Large core rewrite to get ready to implement npc interacting and scripting.

01 May 2012 - 10:33 PM

Added support for switching out pokemon in a battle.
Added initial whiting out (All your pokemon fainted) support. You will now be teleported back to the last healing location (Your house/pokecenters)
Added support for all healing locations. When you enter a healing zone, it will set that as your respawn location.
Lots of underlying work on scripting of NPCs/Events/etc has been completed.
Implemented rival name selection. (If you have already made a character, your rival's name has been defaulted to "GREEN")
Fixed signposts for main character/rival's houses. They will now show the correct names.
Fixed bug where battles would not start correctly when your starter pokemon was fainted. It will now continue to find the first alive pokemon.
Client will now properly error and ask for a new action selection if you manage to select an invalid action (Such as requesting to switch in a dead pokemon. This is a security check and should never happen)

26 April 2012 - 05:36 AM

Implemented initial support for move learning from leveling.
Fixed some minor issues with using arrow keys to select moves during combat.
Cleaned up character selection GUI
Fixed the ability to chat during a battle.
Cleaned up player customization palettes.
Added a few more player customization palettes (Black, Cyan, and Yellow)
Npcs will now properly block movement.[/spoiler]

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Re: [Online] PokeMMO(n)

Mensaje por BIRC » 14/10/12 19:38

interesante. Hace tiempo jugué a uno que pintaba muy bueno, pero se cerraba a cada rato y no guardaba la partida. Eso me cansó a los dos dias. Cuando esté al pedo pruebo este, tampoco es que me vuele la cabeza.
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Re: [Online] PokeMMO(n)

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Che ningun fan de PKNMN en todo Retrogaming??? o nadie pasa ppor la seccion PC?? :S
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Magnus87 escribió:Che ningun fan de PKNMN en todo Retrogaming??? o nadie pasa ppor la seccion PC?? :S
BIRC escribió:interesante. Hace tiempo jugué a uno que pintaba muy bueno, pero se cerraba a cada rato y no guardaba la partida. Eso me cansó a los dos dias. Cuando esté al pedo pruebo este, tampoco es que me vuele la cabeza.

igual me quedo con los juegos oficiales
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Re: [Online] PokeMMO(n)

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BIRC escribió:
Magnus87 escribió:Che ningun fan de PKNMN en todo Retrogaming??? o nadie pasa ppor la seccion PC?? :S
BIRC escribió:interesante. Hace tiempo jugué a uno que pintaba muy bueno, pero se cerraba a cada rato y no guardaba la partida. Eso me cansó a los dos dias. Cuando esté al pedo pruebo este, tampoco es que me vuele la cabeza.

igual me quedo con los juegos oficiales
y si están precintados mejor :lol:
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Re: [Online] PokeMMO(n)

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che copado el aporte voy a ver si me fijo como funca!!!
Soy el unico hombre capaz que deberia gobernar el mundo....