Nueva versión de Winape, (2.0b1)

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Nueva versión de Winape, (2.0b1)

Mensaje por Yay » 29/11/15 5:23

Tras un largo tiempo en barbecho Winape, el veterano emulador de Amstrad CPC se actualiza, incorpora una buena serie de novedades. ... os_2138038

Descargas / Descarga de la última versión

[spoiler]Listado novedades Versión 2.0b1 - ** Emulation
-.Improved palette change emulation.
- Z80 MEMPTR emulation.
- Correct Z80 Flags emulation.
- Fixed Z80 DAA instruction.
- Re-mapped AY output volumes (again!).
- Changed volume percentage of B channel to 75%.
- Doubled the period for noise register.
- Digiblaster and AmDrum emulation.
- Allow read of AY register 15.
- Fixed small residual volume on tape input when read bit was zero.
- Fixed full residual volume on tape input when motor is turned off (and last bit read was high), previously caused disable of AY channel A.
- Allowed for up to 32 Upper ROMs.
- Allowed disc images to use up to 162 tracks (81 cylinders).
- Fixed a keyboard bug with certain keyboard drivers returning key 0 as pressed (which was used for the (None) value). This caused multiple keys to be always pressed at the same time in the emulation.
- Forced at least one tape read per frame to ensure tape progresses while playing even if the PPI is not read.
- Reduced Tape Stall period when Tape Motor is turned off.
- Changed CDT/TZX T-State conversion to 3470000 rather than 3500000 to allow some (badly created?) CDTs to work.
- Fixed CDT/TZX Direct Recording block support.
- Fixed CDT/TZX bit state transition (stays high for 1ms if that was the last state).
- Changed CDT/TZX Standard block timing to match specification.
- Fixed error on load of empty tape image.
- Emulation of Dobbertin SmartWatch (Read Only), not currently available with SNR recording.

-.Split Display configuration for Windowed and Full Screen separate values for various options.
- Added Digiblaster option to Printer port configuration.
- Added the ability to select (None) for any unmapped key.
- Added FIRE 3 to keyboard/joystick configuration.
- Forced ROM remapping after configuration changes so the ROMs are changed immediately.

Tape Monitor
- Added hints for details on various blocks.
- Improved display of tape motor status.

- New Memory Read/Write and Input/Output Breakpoints.
- Disassembler display now shows in colours similar to assembler.
- Added Pass Count to all Breakpoints to allow the number of passes before breaking to be defined.
- Added the ability to Load and Save breakpoints from the Breakpoints window.
- Fixed Follow PC and Break Instructions checkboxes.
- Improved position checking for windows, allowing for multiple displays.
- Improved row and column highlight and removal especially in full screen mode.
- Breakpoint Window Condition editor resized with window.
- Breakpoint Condition form now validates the condition when Ok is clicked.
- GoTo no longer requires full 4 digit hex number to be entered. (eg. 38 can be entered rather than 0038).
- Added Timers and associated window. These are controlled using breakpoint condition functions timer_start and timer_stop.
- Added a number of variables to breakpoint conditions (eg. MODE, palette_select).
- Ensured all breakpoints evaluate even on single-step and/or if another breakpoint triggered first.
- Improved breakpoint condition function parameter count checks.
- Add a hint to the Soft-Scroll register showing X and Y scrolls and blanking value.
- Added the ability to load NOI symbol files using the Assembler Symbols window.

- Editor support for Undo and Redo.
- Display and move to correct column when TAB characters are used.
- Display a * in the tab to indicate when a file has been modified but not saved.
- Added a Save All menu item in the File menu.
- Added SLL undocumented Z80 instruction.
- Fixed OTDR instruction to output ED BB.
- Fixed INCBIN access violation with empty include path when file not found.
- Added an extra parameter (offset_high) to INCBIN to allow 32 bit offsets within the file.
- Added an optional word parameter for RST instructions (eg. RST #18,label).
- Added MEMORY function to read emulator memory during assembly.
- Added CHECKSUM function and directive to produce a checksum or CRC for a region of memory or assembler output.
- Added SAVE directive to save emulator memory to a file or direct to disc image.
- Option to conditionally push PC to stack on run.
- Option to automatically hide the output window on successful assemble.

- Added VerticalHold (Offset #99) and MemEnable (Offset #9A). (See CPCWiki Version 3 SNA document for details).

AVI Writing
- Forced writing of AVI frames on every frame refresh.
- Forced emulator to full size if full size AVI is required.

User Interface
- Stopped F8 key from entering debug mode while currently stepping over an instruction.
- Patched VCL to fix ALT key causing controls to disappear.
- Improved ALT, ESC and F10 key handling (You can now press CTRL-SHIFT-ESC without launching Windows Task Manager).
- Added Normal Speed (100%) (SHIFT-F3) and High Speed (1000%) (SHIFT-F4) options.
- Fixed a lot of form and font scaling issues.
- Fixed Rename menu in disc editor.
- Fixed Overwrite prompts and default extensions on file dialogs.

- Support for HTML Help in newer versions of Windows.
- Added /SHUTDOWN and /SHUTDOWN:FORCE command line parameters to shut down Windows when emulator is closed.
- Added /SN:filename command line parameter to load a snapshot or recorded session.
- Fixed a bug with SNR time calculation.
- Force Vertical Hold to zero for session recording.
- Added PCW and VORTEX formats.
- Fixed a bug retrieving and writing blocks to/from CP/M format discs (ROMDOS formats with incorrect DPB extent mask entries D80/D40 etc).
- Improved detection of double-stepped disc images.
- Allow IMG files to be used as IDE drives.
- Support for LBA-48 read and write commands (#24, #34) supporting up to 2TB (32-bit sector address).
- Improved IDE status handling and handling of IDNF errors.
- IDE CHS translation.
- Some support for Get Drive Parameters command (#EC).[/spoiler]