Nuevo Mame 0.168 ya disponible

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Nuevo Mame 0.168 ya disponible

Mensaje por Yay » 26/11/15 4:57

Nueva versión de este gran emulador, las novedades no son muy cuantiosas pero sí de cierto interés. ... ber=347383

Desglose de novedades

[spoiler]Lista de novedades .TXT - Mame 0.168

Special Thanks

Huge thanks to PVS-Studio's owners for giving us a temporary license in order to troubleshoot
issues in our code.

Also big thanks goes to JetBrains for giving us licenses for their ReSharper and CLion
projects that are helping us to improve MAME.

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 06083: [Core] cpu/z8000/ - wrong asmflags (Olivier Galibert)
- 05958: [Graphics] (cclimber.c) toprollr: Some sprites are invisible (Osso)
- 06075: [Graphics] (malzak.c) malzak, malzak2: Graphic issue (blank line) in title (Pernod)
- 06071: [Documentation] (shadfrce.c) shadfrcej: Shadow Force (Japan Version 3) might be misnamed.
Version is actually in English, not Japanese. (David Haywood)
- 06070: [DIP/Input] (psikyosh.c) mjgtaste: Joystick mode does not fully work (David Haywood)
- 06060: [DIP/Input] (a7800.c) a7800 [1on1u]: Cannot start a game in One-On-One Basketball. (David Haywood)
- 05817: [Misc.] (mz700.c) mz700, mz700j: Emulation drastically slowing down after loading the basic! (Robbbert)
- 06056: [Gameplay] (osborne1.c) osborne1: osborne1 banking doesn't work properly (Vas Crabb)

Source Changes

-zx: Start of a hardware-correct rewrite [O. Galibert]

-Aristocrat MKV driver: More accurate documentation. Also added some
technical notes. [Roberto Fresca]

-osborne1 improvements [Vas Crabb]
* Bank low 16k according to schematics, passes memory test
* Handle memory mapped I/O addresses according to schematics
* Correct vectoring of IEEE488 interrupt
* Add serial port emulation
* Fix beeper frequency/timing
* Fix scrolling behvaviour in standard and SCREEN-PAC modes
* Implement RESET key (generates NMI, F12 by default)
* Show contents of video memory in F4 tilemap viewer
* Add configured banking and save state support

-Osborne Vixen: fixed screen (thanks to OG who added M1 support to the
Z80). Various other fixes. Marked as Working [Robbbert]

-n64: Simulation of cpu cycles from the skipped RDRAM initialization. [Happy]
This allows later SI initialization to see something closer to an
expected value for the system uptime.

-making logerror part of machine and device classes [Miodrag Milanovic]
display tag of device that logged message

-naomi/triforce docs update [f205v]

-peplus.c: Documentation update based on newly found PSR (Program
Summary Report). [Kevin N, BrianT]

-TMS5xxx: Fix for occasional audio 'spike' instability/wraparound
glitches caused by improper truncation in the lattice filter
multiplier. This is not an optimal fix as it isn't correct to
hardware, but it works better than the previous approximation.
[Lord Nightmare]

-Derived a new machine with improved memory map, remapped the roms
load, and created proper inputs set for Genie (ICP-1, set 2). Also
added technical notes and findings... [Roberto Fresca]

-Goldnpkr.c driver: Added games and technical notes, and some
clean-ups... [Roberto Fresca]

-Fix all instances of PVS-Studio warning V578, "An odd bitwise operation
detected. Consider verifying it". [MooglyGuy]

-Sharp MZ series:
* MZ-700: Increased speed of basic (MT 06058) by using bankdev; [Robbbert]
* MZ-700: Fixed shift, ctrl, function keys;
* MZ-800: Fixed crash when ramdisk accessed;
* MZ1500: now starts up and can run some programs;
* MZ-800, MZ-80K, MZ-80A can load mzf tapes.

-Fix some instances of PVS-Studio warning V501, "There are identical
sub-expressions to the left and to the right of an operator". [MooglyGuy]

-hdc92x4: Fix ambiguity of ?: operator flagged by PVS-Studio [MooglyGuy]

-Jack Potten's Poker (NGold, set 3) improvemente: Fixed wrong inputs /
coin lines through dedicated inputs. Also fixed graphics.
[Roberto Fresca]

-Serial ports added to imds2 [F. Ulivi]

-Fix PVS-Studio warning V562, "It's odd to compare a bool type value with
a value of 0/1" [MooglyGuy]

-Fix PVS-Studio warning V564, "The &/| operator is applied to bool
type value. You've probably forgotten to include parentheses." [MooglyGuy]

-goldnpkr.c driver improvements. [Roberto Fresca]

-cmpacman: fix two DIP switches [Vas Crabb]

-Added partial decryption to the ICP1 daughterboard games. (currently
only pokerduc set). Since it's just partial, commented out the code
for now.... [Roberto Fresca]

-Added port impulse to the Golden Poker's second coin slot. This is
needed for both royale sets. [Roberto Fresca]

-amstad: Transtape WIP support. [Barry Rodewald]

-a7800.c - More accurately reflect '0x02XX' map per hardware
documentation and testing. [Mike Saarna, Robert Tuccitto]

-TMS5220 and TMS5110: Add more verbosity to DEBUG_LATTICE
[Lord Nightmare]

-namcos23: Better handle on the GPU comms [O. Galibert]

-OSD/SDL: add missing header to fix build on NetBSD. [Thomas Klausner]
The file was removed from the other gmake.*/genie.make files. The
build/gmake.* files do not exist upstream, so this is a purely local

-namcos23: port b bit 6 is also an input, handle accordingly. Probably
JVS. [O. Galibert]

-mc6845: fixed hd6845 rasters in interlace mode [Nigel Barnes]
* bbc now uses correct hd6845
* saa5050 outputs all 20 scanlines

-a6809: Removed hack and fixed display for above saa5050 changes.[Robbbert]

-bbc: softlist additions/changes [Nigel Barnes]
* added part_id to many items
* added original protected floppies (FSD)

-bbc: preliminary support for FSD format. [Nigel Barnes]

-naomi.c: added "NAOMI Development BIOS v1.10" [Andy Geezer, MetalliC]

-Aristocrat MKIV driver: Changed the Fever Pitch input scheme and
artwork layout, since it seems that the game lacks of a gambling or
double-up feature. Also cleaned a bit the driver. [Roberto Fresca]

-Aristocrat MKIV driver: Fever Pitch service input is just 'reserve'
feature/function. Changed the inputs and artwork layout accordingly.
[Roberto Fresca]

-HLSL [ImJezze]
* removed duplicate prescale fields
* made visibility of HLSL options depending on screen type
* disabled scanlines for LCD screen type
Fixed reset of HLSL settings
* fixed bug that resets the HLSL settings when the screen size has
* removed hardcoded HLSL presets
* updates HLSL readme
* fixed creation order of D3D and HLSL resources
* sliders will be hidden when toggled off and will be shown when
toggled on again
* screen adjustment (scale, offset) can now be handled by the
respective render API itself (default behavior is as before)
* D3D (if HLSL) is activated handles screen adjustment by itself
within the shader, which fixes the odd behavior of some effects
(e.g. round corners) when screen scale and offset is used
* fixed bug that resets the HLSL settings when switching between
window mode and fullscreen
* fixed changed screen adjustment for multi screens
* the vector renderer now tries to detect a invariabel vector
intensity and disables the calculation of a dynamic beam width
* fixed not used HLSL settings from .ini if MAME was started
without driver parameter
* removed default values from HLSL sliders, the defaults here are
more like null values to hint when an effect would be disable
* slightly changed default HLSL settings
* fixed missing shadow mask texture when switching between window
mode and full screen

-z800x: Fix the disassembly [Oliver Lehmann]

-ap2_dsk.c: support 36-track Apple II NIB images [Peter Ferrie]

-wozfdc: Warp factor 4 Scotty (much less CPU usage now!) [O. Galibert]

-vrender0: allow resolutions higher than 512x240 [Luca Elia]

-Updated OS/2 support for GEnie and MAME [KO Myung-Hun]

-mcatadv.c: Improved Nostradamus emulation [David Haywood]
* Sprite masking effect supported (stage 6 boss)
* Tilemap enable supported (flickering shadow for stage 7 boss)
* Priority 0 sprites now shown (final boss arms)
* BG colour changed to more likely pen (fade in/out on intro & end)

-se3208: make sure the low bits of the stack pointer are always 0 [Luca Elia]

-se3208.c: disallowed unaligned dword reads/writes, this allows
Donggul Donggul Haerong to function, although not 100% sure it's the
correct fix [David Haywood]

-Allow for Emscripten compile to JavaScript out of the box. [Justin Kerk]
MAME can now be built using Emscripten's 'emmake' tool, e.g. like so:
emmake make SUBTARGET=pacman SOURCES=src/mame/drivers/pacman.cpp
This should produce a .js file which can be supplied to an HTML front-end.

New machines added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Fever Pitch? (2VXEC534, NSW, 90.36%) [Roberto Fresca, Matt B]
Trivia R Us (v1.07) [J. Mathevet, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union, Luca Elia]
Micro Engenho (Brazilian Apple 2 clone) [Felipe Sanches]

New clones added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Forgotten Worlds (World, newer) [Bill D, The Dumping Union]
Fighter's History (World ver 43-09, DE-0395-1 PCB) [coolmod, rtw, The Dumping Union]
Genie (ICP-1, set 2) [Roberto Fresca, Matt B]
Genie (ICP-1, set 2) [Roberto Fresca]
Karate Blazers (World, set 2) [caius]
Jack Potten's Poker (set 8, Australian) [Roberto Fresca, Matt B]
Jack Potten's Poker (set 9, 'just 4 fun') [Roberto Fresca, Matt B]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0045) 10's or Better (Las Vegas Rio) [BrianT]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0104) Standard Draw Poker [BrianT]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0197) Standard Draw Poker (set 5) [BrianT]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0197) Standard Draw Poker (Cruise) [BrianT]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0203) 4 of a Kind Bonus Poker (set 5) [BrianT]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0221) Standard Draw Poker (set 2) [BrianT]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0423) Standard Draw Poker (set 4) [BrianT]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0454) Bonus Poker Deluxe (set 2) [BrianT]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0550) Joker Poker (Two Pair or Better, set 2) [BrianT]
Player's Edge Plus (X002178P+XP000119) Double Bonus Poker [BrianT]
Sengoku Ace (Japan, set 2) [Alex Cmaylo]
Bonne Chance! (Golden Poker prequel HW, set 2) [Roberto Fresca, ANY]
Final Fight Revenge (JUET 990930 V1.100) [coolmod]
Ripper Ribbit (Version 3.5) [coolmod, Ryan Holtz, The Dumping Union]
1943: The Battle of Midway (US) [caius, The Dumping Union]
Rolling Thunder (rev 3, hack) [caius]
Super Galaxians (Silver Systems) [Robbbert]

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING
Cherry Master '99 [hsialin,Vas Crabb]
Chicken (RHG0730, Export, 92.588%) [Roberto Fresca]
Enchanted Forest (MV4033, Export, 94.97%) [Roberto Fresca]
Club Kart for Cycraft (GDS-0029A) [Guru, R. Belmont]
Initial D Arcade Stage Ver. 3 Cycraft Edition (Rev. A) (GDS-0039A) [Guru, R. Belmont]
Koala Mint (MV4137, Export) [Roberto Fresca]
Magic Garden (AHG1211, Export, 88.26%) [Roberto Fresca]
Sweet Hearts II (PHG0742, Export, 92.252%) [Roberto Fresca]
Party Gras (MV4115/3, Export, touch) [Roberto Fresca]
The Gambler (EHG0916, Export, 92.268%) [Roberto Fresca]
Tropical Delight (PHG0625-02, Export, 92.25%) [Roberto Fresca]

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING
Super Treasure Island (Italy, v1.6) [Any]
The Typing of the Dead [twistedsymphony]
Super 98 (ICP-1) [Roberto Fresca, Matt B]
Golden Pyramids (AHG1206-99, NSW/ACT, 87.928%) [Roberto Fresca]
Margarita Magic (EHG1559, NSW/ACT) [Roberto Fresca][/spoiler]


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Re: Nuevo Mame 0.168 ya disponible

Mensaje por Guly » 26/11/15 10:38

Gracias por avisar ;)

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Re: Nuevo Mame 0.168 ya disponible

Mensaje por Alexei » 26/11/15 13:58

Tengo malas noticias sobre estas ultimas versiones de emuladores Mame, he buscado info, a muchos les ha pasado pero nadie dice nada y lo que es peor nadie corrije nada, como dice TheElf los programadores hacen sus cosas y les importa un comino los usuarios.

Antes usaba la versión 0.90, que tenia otro core de video y era muy estable, ahora uso la 0.160 y tienen problemas se ve desde la 0.136: uno elige el juego, juega normalmente, apreta ESC y se sale no es asi? en teoria no deberia pasar nada pero....

Si configurás mandos USB, o cualquier otro mando y hasta teclado, ponele en el Super Hang-On, a veces cuando jugas y te querés salir se cuelga el emulador y sale "Mame.exe dejó de funcionar" y se cierra todo, lo peor es que cuando volvés a entrar las configuraciones de mandos se han reseteado, la default.cfg y la shangon.cfg en el caso del Super Hang-On, y no queda mas remedio que volver a configurar nuevamente mandos o teclado para jugar.

Es molesto el asunto, pero me he adaptado a esta falla, no solo masa con el Mame64, sino con el UI64, el MameFX64, el Mame Plus! 64 y otras versiones no oficiales, he probado de todo asi que el problema esta en el core del Mame asi que esta en todos el fallo.

Mas tarde pruebo esta versión 0.168, a ver si tiene el mismo problema, seguro que lo tiene, de todos modos gracias Yay por el aviso.

Ojalá lo corrijan, he puesto mi queja en algunos lugares y otra gente mas se ha sumado pero no hay visos de algun fix, no les importamos. Que se vayan al diablo.

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Re: Nuevo Mame 0.168 ya disponible

Mensaje por guidachu » 26/11/15 16:09

Que raro loco, porque jamas me paso.

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Re: Nuevo Mame 0.168 ya disponible

Mensaje por Faker » 26/11/15 16:21

hace un back up de los .cfg y listo.

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Re: Nuevo Mame 0.168 ya disponible

Mensaje por Alexei » 26/11/15 16:27

Eso hago, tambien los pongo en "solo lectura" pero igual sigue pasando, no se que es y a muchos les pasa, ojalá algun dia lo corrijan.

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Re: Nuevo Mame 0.168 ya disponible

Mensaje por ferhound » 26/11/15 18:29

Mira que a mi no me pasa eh. Lo unico que me jodia era que me sobreescriban la carpeta "favorites".
Tenes todos en una sola carpeta o tenes carpetas separadas para cada version? (mameui, mameplus, mameuifx, etc).

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Re: Nuevo Mame 0.168 ya disponible

Mensaje por Alexei » 26/11/15 18:33

No, pasa que he probado distintas versiones de los mame 0.160, ui, fx, plus, uifx y solo les he puesto el romset y probado durante unos dias, todos fallan en lo mismo, aleatoriamente alguuuuna vez que apreto ESC para salirme de un juego el mame se cierra abruptamente y al reiniciarlo se fueron las configuraciones de mandos en general y del juego que estaba jugando.

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Re: Nuevo Mame 0.168 ya disponible

Mensaje por Console Wars » 26/11/15 20:41

No sera tu maquina, Link?

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Re: Nuevo Mame 0.168 ya disponible

Mensaje por fede2222 » 27/11/15 14:49

A mi no me paso..

Enviado desde la Commodore 64
Disponible... llamar al 123312394834