[Win/Mac] DVE Dos Vectrex Emulator (Vectrex para DosBox)

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[Win/Mac] DVE Dos Vectrex Emulator (Vectrex para DosBox)

Mensaje por Yay » 04/10/15 5:06

http://www.retrovideogamer.co.uk/index. ... icseen#new

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Descarga Mac

**VGF forum member chrissalo has posted the latest packaged version of the DVE Vectrex emulator. Here are some details...

The whole package comes as a DosBox setup. Just start DVE.bat - or if you are more in the Mac world (like me nowadays) double-click the "VectrexDev.app" - and my (more or less) old development environment from the good old days pops up :-).

- If you than enter Vertex.exe - the emulator boots up.
- If you enter "compile.bat" the emulator is compiled. (well now there are no changes, so only a quick link will be done)
- The source is in the aptly named "Source" directory.

Paths and compiler and so on are all setup!

The echos before start read:

Welcome to DVE!

Dispite its age I believe DVE to be a very good emulator with many capabilities! They are although hard to discover!
Be sure to read thru all documents you find alongside with it. You will discover many hidden gems (keyboard shortcuts help on click etc).

For example if you start in gui mode (default) and press the little config button (upper left, like a screwdriver) the small text "create..." gives you a disassambled cartridge view, with single step, breakpoint watch windows for signals etc.

The "edit cnt" file (look at the doc) can import symbols from your assembler. In the monitor window (alt M) you can then e.g. type: "watch x_step" (if that is one of your variables) and a watch window will be created. You can also set breakpoints that way!

This is the most complete version of DVE you will ever get! You can even change and build a new version of the emulator, sources are included. To compile just start the "compile.bat."

Disculpad si el enunciado no es del todo correcto, necesito clases de Inglés con urgencia :?